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• Custom Power Commander Map Files Available for only $85
• For PC3USB & PC5 EFI/Tuning Modules •
• For Most Sport-Bikes & Cruisers •
• Foreign & Domestic •

A little background information:

JeffoMaps.com has knowledge and experience with many late model motorcycle fuel injection systems. I have developed custom map files for most sport-bikes and cruisers. If I haven't already developed a map for your bike, I can build you a custom map.

Our Tuning Maps

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Questions To Ask Yourself:

Below are some questions you should ask yourself before purchasing a Custom Tuning Map.

   ~ Are you interested in more power for you bike along with smoother throttle transitions and improved ride-ability?

   ~ Does your bike have a Power Commander 3 USB or Power Commander 5 EFI/Fuel Injection Tuning Module?

   ~ Does your Map File look like the picture below?

Bad tuning map

   ~ Is your bike running either too rich or too lean? If you wipe your finger in the end of your exhaust pipe, does it come out black?

   ~ Where did your Power Commander Map File come from?

         * The Power Commander Website

         * A dyno tuning session

         * A tuner or aftermarket manufacturer/reseller?

* Did you know that Map Files that have been created by using only an Air Fuel Ratio (AFR) number for the tuning target, only give good top-end performance characteristics. These types of Maps are missing specific tuning in many areas of the map for crisp roll-ons, mid to full-throttle transitions, the management of water temperature and a "cruise" area for fuel ecomony in low RPM, part throttle areas.

If you got a Free map off of a Website, it is worth exactly what you paid for it! It is probably running too rich and therefore you are leaving power and fuel economy on the table, and you will probably be in second place. You should be running a Jeffo Map!

Most dyno operators don't like JeffoMaps.com because I save you money. A dyno operator can manipulate the numbers to make them look good and make me look bad. The proof is in the pudding! Take it to the Street, take it to the Track, IT DOESN'T MATTER!

Custom Map Files

I support DynoJet Power Commander products (currently supporting both the PC3 USB & the PC5) and have developed many map files for more power, smoother throttle transitions and improved ride-ability. My maps are refined by hours of experienced tuning on the road and on the track. My maps are created by knowing your elevation (Feet above sea level) and outside temperature (F°) that you ride in. The basis for our tuning process is tuning for the best maximum power in roll-on, mid & full-throttle areas, while managing water temperature and by creating a "cruise" area for fuel economy in low RPM, part throttle areas.

My maps perform much better than “Auto Tuned” maps and cost far less than the typical $250 minimum charge for a single dyno session. Let me build a Power Commander Map File for your bike.

What Is Included In Your Custom Map?

~ All maps include Jeffo's optimizing performance suggestions.

~ Includes Accelerator Pump Tuning.

~ My maps come with detailed instructions on how to setup DynoJet’s free Accelerator Pump Utility. I’ve spent countless hours testing and tuning this utility. The purchase of a map file includes the correct Accelerator Pump settings for your bike. I will email you these instructions with your Map File.

~ I Include the Correct Procedure for Adjusting the Throttle Position Sensor.

The procedure in the DynoJet PC3 USB Manual for adjusting your Throttle Positions does not correctly compensate for your bike’s idle speed or running temperature. I commonly see errors of 5% with customer’s bikes that have used the DJ Manual instructions. These errors in throttle position shift the map off its base and can degrade your tuning. I provide you with instructions for accurately setting your Throttle Positions so that your map base matches your tuning.

Free Map Support

I provide my customers with ongoing support and will provide you with updated maps if you make future modifications to your bike. (Only when using the same EFI / Tuning System. IE. PC3 USB or PC5).

My Customer Service Satisfaction Guarantee

I pride myself on giving great customer service and satisfying all of your needs. I stand behind my EFI/Tuning Services, and I am here to assist you in reaching your performance and ride-ability goals. I am an avid rider too, and I look forward to working with my customers to help them get the most from their EFI/Tuning systems.

Questions or Concerns?

I really love hearing from my customers. Contact: Jeffo using the information below:

Hours of Operation: 9:30AM to 6:30 PM 7 days a week, Tucson, AZ Mountain Standard Time

Phone: (520) 403-6976

Refund Policy

I do not provide refunds on EFI /Tuning Services. Tuning maps are intellectual property and therefore a refund Can Not Be Provided! (Please refer to the above "My Customer Service Satisfaction Guarantee".)

Custom Map Request

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