F.A.I.C. Race Muffler

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F.A.I.C.'s U.S. Patented Forced Air Induction Cone Technology

F.A.I.C.’s Patented Technology is now available for Sport Bikes with my new Universal Race Muffler and Mid-Pipe with my patented Forced Air Induction Cone. My Universal Slip-On is different from others on the market as I upsize the Mid-Pipe to create a stepped effect which improves low-end Torque and high-end Horsepower. My Ceramic Coated Mid-Pipe has a Forced Air Induction Cone that creates a "Ram Air Effect" from forward movement of the motorcycle. This effect accelerates the exhaust flow and enhances scavenging which increases top-end Horsepower. The Race Muffler is a 4" diameter Aluminum Muffler Body with a 2 3/4" perforated core. I use "Charge Enhancer Technology" in my muffler to produce more low-end power and enhance fuel consumption. The muffler is very Free-Flowing with less back pressure to produce more Horsepower. Available for most popular side mounted Sport Bikes. (For Competition Use Only).