Don't buy a Power Commander 6 until they fix a MAJOR problem

Background info:

With the PC III USB, the PC 5 and the PC Fuel Controller Dynojet enabled an additional feature that allowed tuners to build maps specific for your bike. This feature was know as the Accel Pump feature. In general, the accel pump gives you the ability to add or remove fuel for a short time when the throttle is moved quickly. Setting the right values for your bike results in crisp throttle response with no lag or uneven jumps in the power that you feel. When you purchase a Jeffo map you are given not only the map itself, but also the correct settings to enter into the accel pump feature specifically for your bike and how you want it to perform.

In the days of carbureted bikes, the accel pump was built into almost every major brand of carburetor to even out the throttle response during acceleration. You can see this by removing the air cleaner off of a Harley Sortster, a Yamaha Road Star or V-Star, or any other carbureted bike that the air cleaner is easily accessible. Usually you will see a small brass tube in front of the intake opening that squirts a small amount of fuel when you twist the throttle.

The FIRST problem with the PC6

With the release of the PC6 they removed the accel pump feature, claiming that "no one ever uses it". However, the real reason is that dynojet operators, and most tuners, do not understand how to use the accel pump correctly. While EFI systems are different than carbureted, there are still some features from a carbureted engine that are beneficial. While we're not going to give away any trade secrets, the most beneficial thing in our process when building a custom fuel map is the accel pump feature.

The SECOND problem with the PC6

Even more detrimental than the accel pump feature removal is the fact that Dynojet now limits your ability to fine tune a custom map. In speaking directly with a Dynojet tech support representative, the PC6 now uses two maps. The first map is a base map that ONLY authorized Dynojet dealers can modify. A secondary map is then "overlayed" on top of the base map, but only provides up to 15% customization and 5 degree of timing (with an available ignition module). What this means in that a "non-authorized tuner" (a.k.a. you or your mechanic) can not create your own map or modify the base map outside of a 15% range. This severely limits your ability to tweak the map to your liking, or best for the environment (i.e. elevation, temperature, etc) and how you ride.

When asked about this, the Dynojet tech informed us that the reasoning behind this decision was because of the number of warranties they had to process because people would enter map values that were way off. So, there was nothing wrong with the device itself, but rather the map values that were causing the issue. If you or your mechanic create a map with values that are out of spec, shouldn't Dynojet give you a base map (like one of the ones you can download from the website) and provide advice on what values they recommend for your bike? Wouldn't that make more sense than to come out with a product that doesn't allow you to change the values as you want, but yet charge you the same amount as the previous models that didn't restrict you? Are you not paying good money for something that limits your ability to have a map created specifically for your needs and goals? Ask yourself, does this make any sense from an end-user standpoint, or is this a "business decision" for Dynojet themselves so that they can profit from selling a new product that is ultimately inferior to a previous one?

Where do we go from here?

Until Dynojet adds the accel pump feature back in (or a way to enable it like they did with the PC III USB), and more importantly allows end-users to change the base map, you are simply wasting your money on a product that will never be what the previous versions were. While a dyno operator may be able to produce a map with numbers that LOOK good, do you want something that "looks" good on paper, or something that performs on the road?

Stick with finding a PC III USB, PC5 or a PCFC until they fix this issue.