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About (Since 2005) has knowledge and experience with many late model motorcycle fuel injection systems. I have developed Custom Power Commander map files for most sport-bikes and cruisers, foreign and domestic. If I haven't already developed a map for your bike, I can develop one for you. My maps are developed by using the proper elevation (Feet above Sea Level) and the proper (Outside Temperature) that you ride at (F°) using the PC3 USB and the PC5 EFI/Tuning Modules.

About F.A.I.C. (Since 2000)

F.A.I.C.'s U.S. Patented Forced Air Induction Cone Technology

F.A.I.C.’s Patented Technology is now available for Sport Bikes with my new Universal Race Muffler and Mid-Pipe with my patented Forced Air Induction Cone. My Universal Slip-On is different from others on the market as I upsize the Mid-Pipe to create a stepped effect which improves low-end Torque and high-end Horsepower. My Ceramic Coated Mid-Pipe has a Forced Air Induction Cone that creates a "Ram Air Effect" from forward movement of the motorcycle. This effect accelerates the exhaust flow and enhances scavenging which increases top-end Horsepower. The Race Muffler is a 4" diameter Aluminum Muffler Body with a 2 3/4" perforated core. I use "Charge Enhancer Technology" in my muffler to produce more low-end power and enhance fuel consumption. The muffler is very Free-Flowing with less back pressure to produce more Horsepower. Available for most popular side mounted Sport Bikes. (For Competition Use Only).

Past F.A.I.C. Systems

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